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Kidz Rocket Learning Center provides age appropriate programs to foster active minds as well as provide happy and healthy surroundings.

Infants 1 (6 weeks to 18 months)

Infants are very inquisitive. They love to listen, smell, touch and taste. Kidz Rocket infant program teachers are trained to provide nurture and promote active minds and healthy and happy surroundings.

Kidz Rocket has low infant to teacher ratios which fosters healthy emotional growth as the teachers respond to the infants needs.


As toddlers grow their main objective is independence. Our toddler teachers provide encouragement and guidence as toddlers discover and gain their independence.

Our toddler program offers:


Preschool can be a exciting new chapter for three year olds. Kidz Rocket is fully prepared to nurture your child's desire to learn. We offer a preschool curriculum that provides:

Before and After School Care Program Platea

School can be challenging to children. At Kidz Rocket we provide a place for children to unwind after school.

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